Concept and implementation

DG enables user to make interactive ruler-and-compass constructions, analogous to classic “paper” drawings. But then DG allows to make the drawing live, see how it changes when some of the points are dragged with the mouse. This helps to observe dependencies between geometric objects.

The process of construction is carried out with the help of geometric tools. For example, if it is necessary to construct an intersection point of two figures, you must select “Intersection point” tool and click these two figures.

After the drawing is complete, you can drag basic points and the entire construction will change dynamically, preserving dependencies between its parts (algorithm of construction). This is the main principle of interactive geometry. So geometry model being used is: interactive (visual construction and manipulation with the mouse) and dynamic (instant change of the drawing when points are dragged). Interactive geometry provides a way to explore the configuration of the drawing in dynamics.

Usage in educational process

DG can be used in the educational process to: