DG Interactive Geometry Package

Overview and purpose

DG Interactive Geometry package is created for computer support of school geometry course. DG is a computer environment for experiments in plane geometry.

DG is used by teachers of geometry and students of 7-9 grades at the lessons of geometry. The goal of the package is to give students an ability to explore geometry by carrying out computer experiments. DG can also be used to illustrate problems and facts in plane geometry, to create and use visual interactive learning materials. It is aimed to help teachers of geometry and their students to make geometry learning process more visual, comprehensive and comfortable.

DG is a model of euclidean geometry in plane: geometric objects and relationships (dependencies) between them.

DG can be used in education process by teachers of geometry, students and everybody else who is interested in geometry to learn, explore, investigate and experiment, insight hypothesis and visually check their plausibility.

DG was the first educational software in Ukraine to be certified by the Ukrainian Scientific Center for State Registration and Certification of Information Technologies and approved by the Ministry of Education and Science to be used in ukrainian schools.